Saturday, May 1, 2010


We had cheesecake for dessert tonight. My husband texted my cell phone to tell me it was time to come downstairs and enjoy some. Only, what the text actually said was "cheesecale." His phone, like most, has a feature that finishes words for you as you type them. I have no idea what cheesecale is, but that's the word that came up. Cheesecake is not in the phone's dictionary. I thought this was odd, so I tried it on my phone. So did my son. And my daughter. All of our phones did the same thing! They all finished the word as "cheesecale."

So, here's your challenge for the day. See if your phone does the same thing. And, if anyone knows what in the world cheesecale is, please enlighten the rest of us, will you?

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