Saturday, May 8, 2010

Transitions in The Storyline

I've been plugging along with my novel, Bookgrinders, and have often found it to be very hard to get from one scene to another. Does anyone else have that problem? I know where I want to go, and I have the ol' outline, but getting from one scene to the next is just kind of like torture!

How do you other writers deal with this?

One thing I've done to break up the torture routine is to start a second project. This one is more autobiographical. It's called The Beekeeper's Wife. Yes, we used to keep bees and have some great stories about that time in our lives. It so far is flowing much easier, so it gives me a little bit of a break.

Still, I always make sure I write some every day in my first project. I'm quite proud to have started chapter three, and the chapters are working out to be about 10 pages, which is a nice length. I do have to curtail my editorial side, though. I keep wanting to go back and re-write everything, but I force myself to continue because I've gotten in trouble with that tendency before and got stuck. Not going to happen this time. I will persevere!

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  1. I don't follow any kind of outline when I'm writing, so I'm all over the place with my storyline. I have to go back later and fiddle with it if it needs adjustments, but it all works out. I feel too tied down if I try to write with a grid of some kind.
    I don't let my inner editor take over when I'm doing the first draft, I go into Nano (as in Nano Wrimo) mode and just write with out worring about the details. I'll catch mistakes in the revision.