Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Story Printed in Jan 2012 Friend Magazine

I am so excited! I submitted a story to the Friend magazine about four years ago. They purchased the story and said they would probably publish it in 2007 or 2008. When they didn't, and after talking with Josh Perky, I decided they probably never would. Well, they finally did!

We were surprised when the doorbell rang this morning before 10:00 am. These are the "dead days" between Christmas and New Year's Day and not much happens at our house except a lot of relaxing and playing. We were not expecting visitors. The door was opened to the Fed-X man with a package. In the package were two complimentary copies of the Friend. My story is on page 8-9.

Here's a link to the online version of my story

One funny thing about this is that we got the regular delivery of our church magazines a week or more ago. We gave the Friend to the younger kids. My 9-year-old son read my story, but never noticed who the author was!


  1. Nice story. Congrats! Says it is based on a true story. If it was at your house I bet it was a rough day.

  2. It's a great story. How exciting. I think it's funny that your son didn't notice. =) I see a FHE lesson based on this one in our future!

  3. It was a nephew's story. I'm glad you like it.