Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finding Time to Write

I made this cute little cake for my 6th child's (daughter) 12th birthday party Saturday.

At our ANWA (American Night Writers Association) meeting last Thursday, author Connie Sokol gave an excellent lesson about making time to write. I've blogged about it in the Author's Incognito blog, where I blog every Sunday. Go take a look!
 I will be blogging about the second half of my notes next Sunday.

Meanwhile, I've gotten back to writing. With the new year, I made myself a new morning schedule that involved getting up a little earlier to give myself a regular chunk of time to write before things get busy. It is working. I've made some changes with my novel. I've changed the main character's name. It started out as Sable, then changed to Jennifer. Now it's Jerica. I think that name will stick. I also made Jerica's father disappear in the first chapter, which necessitated some revising of several chapters. And, I've had some technology ideas to help build my futuristic world. So, I'm pugging away at it. This draft is not lovely, but I know I can go back and make the writing better, improve the scenes and deepen the characterization. For now, I'm just trying to get the story out.

I started and finished Karen Hoover's book, Sapphire Flute recently. I'll write up a review of it on the right hand column.

I also went to my first book launching party. It was for Tristi Pinkston's new book, Dearly Departed. I bought her new book, as well as the first book in the Secret Sisters series. I brought some new socks to donate to charity and my name was entered in a drawing. And I won! I never win anything! My prize, which will be mailed this week is a copy of Susan Law Corpany's novel, Lucky Change, and Rebecca Talley's novel, The Upside of Down. I am so excited to win these books! 

My to-read stack is threatening to topple over on me. I dream for relaxing time to just enjoy reading. It rarely happens, so I catch snatches of reading time early, late and while waiting for things.


  1. Congratulations on winning the sock drawing! Cool. I'm glad you are making time for writing. Good luck with your novel!

  2. Pretty wallpaper! So glad to hear you went to your first launch. I can't wait to go to one! Congrats on winning! Also, you're doing a fantastic job sticking to your New Year's schedule and working on writing. I'm sure it will be worth the work! : )

  3. You won my book? Cool. I hope you enjoy it.

    I love the snowman cake--makes me want to go eat cake.

  4. Thank you. I'm sure I'll enjoy the book.

    The wall paper is free from "The cutest blog on the block." They have lots of fun blog wall papers.