Sunday, October 17, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary

Today is my parents' Golden Wedding anniversary. They are wonderful people who have managed to hold their marriage together through all the normal ups and downs of life. They have always made their marriage more important than either of their individual needs or wants. Many of today's marriages could take a lesson from their devotion to one another and their determination to work together.

Mom and Dad raised 8 children, plus dozens of foster children over the years. They have touched many lives for good. They have 30-some grand children and one great-grandchild. We are lucky enough to live just four blocks away from them now, after living in different states for many years.

They taught their children correct principles like honesty and obedience. They complemented one another well as parents. Now that Dad's retired, they spend much of their time researching their family history.

Here's to you, Mom & Dad. May you have many more happy years together!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents! I love to hear things like this because it gives me hope, reaffirms my belief that people can do hard things and triumph, and that love still readily abounds. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for your comment! It is so nice when people take the time to make comments, and yours is particularly nice. :)