Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kids' Imagination as Inspiration - Contest!

My kids, especially the youngest two, have great imaginations. I like to listen in on their imaginative play. Yesterday we went to the zoo and on the drive there, my youngest two kids and a cousin were making up this scenario where, when characters ate certain things, they exhibited unusual traits. For example, when they ate a particular food, it made them turn a certain color (hopefully not blue from asphyxiation). My author's brain got going on that idea. Maybe instead of a certain color, the eater could gain a certain strength or skill or magical trait.

Today the same two kids came home from swimming at a neighbor's house. They were talking about games they'd played at the pool. I caught the word, "quarter-breed." I had to ask them what that meant. I was told that when someone is 3/4 human and 1/4 mermaid, for example, they were a quarter-breed. Or, they could be 3/4 mermaid and 1/4 human. Hmm, I thought. That has possibilities....

So, I thought I'd run a little contest. Using these two ideas, post a reply giving a short idea for a book. You can use one of the ideas or both of the ideas. You can come up with one book or two books. Your choice. After a week, I will choose the idea I like best and award that person a hand-knitted and felted cell phone cozy, pictured below (Cell phone not included).

So, put on your best creative thinking hats and give me your best story ideas!


  1. A teenage girl's mother is half fire-fairy (a fairy that lights up) but has been able to live undetected in society. But every time the girl drinks a carbonated drink, she lights up, a case which can be good in certain situations and embarrassing in others.

  2. Cute prize. I'm going to have to think about this for a bit and come back.

  3. Cute idea, Joan!

    I've decided to extend the deadline a little, since we really only have one submitted idea. So, let's end the contest on June 19.

  4. Okay, sorry for the major delay in posting. My brain's been kind of dead to story ideas lately, but here goes. Staci has spent her life fighting an inexplicable craving for flowers until her long lost grandmother turns up and urges her to give in to her desire. Staci eats a flower and suddenly she can fly! It turns out grandma is a full-blooded wood sprite who has passed her abilities on to her quarter-breed granddaughter. (I'll post this contest on Facebook and maybe you'll get a few more entries.)

  5. Okay, time's up.

    And the winner is....

    Joan Sowards! Joan gets the little cell phone cozy I made. Joan, send me your address so I can get this out to you.

    Karen Dupaix

  6. Thank you, Karen! I'm excited to be the winner.